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Combinational Circuit

It consist of AND,OR , NOT,NAND,NOR Gate. Output will depend on input and there is no time gap between input and output There are different type of combination circuit used for different purpose.


a)  Multiplexer:- It has multiple input and Single output. Multiplexer may be of different type like 4 × 1 MUX,8×1 MUX,16×1 MUX etc

b)  De Multiplexer:- It perform opposite function of Multiplexer. It has single input line and multiple output line. n×2N

c)  Decoder:- It is use to convert one code system to anther like Binary to Octal digit or Binary to Hexa decimal digit.

d)  Adder:- Adder is use to add bits Adder is of to type Half adder and full Adder. Half Adder is use to add two bits and full Adder is use to add three bits.

e)  Encoder : It perform opposite function of Decoder;

Sequential Circuit

 It is use to store information. There is a time gap between input and output. Flip Flop is an example of sequential circuit. Single flip flop can store single bit of information. It is generally consist of NOR and NAND GATE. There are different type of flip flop like S-R flip flop, D- Flip flop, J-K flip flop and Master and slave flip flop. Master and slave flip flop is always consist of pair of flip flops.

Following are the different type of Sequential circuit:

Register:- It consist of number of flip flop. Its size is in the range of bit and byte. Two type of register are more common:

1.  Parallel load registered

2.  Shift registered(Left shift and right)


Counter :- It is special register whose value increase or decrease with each clock pulse. It is use to count event or generate timing signal. There are two type of counter

a) Synchronous

b) Asynchronous (Ripple counter)



Counter is generally made of J-K flip flop.



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