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1. What is a string?

A sequential array of characters is called a string.



2. What is Brute Force algorithm?

Algorithm used to search the contents by comparing each element of array is called Brute Force algorithm.



3. What are the limitations of arrays?

i)Arrays are of fixed size.

ii)Data elements are stored in continuous memory locations which may not be available always.

iii)Adding and removing of elements is problematic because of shifting the locations.



4. How can you overcome the limitations of arrays?

Limitations of arrays can be solved by using the linked list.



5. What is a linked list?

Linked list is a data structure which store same kind of data elements but not in continuous memory locations and size is not fixed. The linked lists are related logically.



6. What is a node?

The data element of a linked list is called a node.



7. What does node consist of?

Node consists of two fields:data field to store the element and link field to store the address of the next node.


8. What is a queue ?

A Queue is a sequential organization of data. A queue is a first in first out type of data structure. An element is inserted at the last position and an element is always taken out from the first position.


9. What are the types of Collision Resolution Techniques and the methods used in each of the type?
Open addressing (closed hashing),The methods used include:Overflow block Closed addressing (open hashing),The methods used include:Linked list,Binary tree


10. What are the methods available in storing sequential files ?

Straight merging, Natural merging, Polyphase sort, Distribution of Initial runs.


11. Mention some of the problem solving strategies?

The most widely strategies are listed below
 i)Divide and conquer
 ii)Binary doubling strategy
 iii)Dynamic programming


12. What is divide and conquer method?

The basic idea is to divide the problem into several sub problems beyond which cannot be further subdivided. Then solve the sub problems efficiently and join then together to get the solution for the main problem.


13. What is the need for the header?

Header of the linked list is the first element in the list and it stores the number of elements in the list. It points to the first data element of the list.


14. Define leaf?

In a directed tree any node which has out degree o is called a terminal node or a leaf.


15. What are the applications of binary tree?

Binary tree is used in data processing.


16. What are the different types of traversing?

The different types of traversing are
 i)Pre-order traversal-yields prefix from of expression.
 ii)In-order traversal-yields infix form of expression.
 iii)Post-order traversal-yields postfix from of expression.


17. Define pre-order traversal?

i)Process the root node
ii)Process the left subtree
iii)Process the right subtree


18. Define post-order traversal?

i)Process the left subtree
ii)Process the right subtree
iii)Process the root node


19. Define in -order traversal?

i)Process the left subtree
ii)Process the root node
iii)Process the right subtree


20. What is meant by sorting?

Ordering the data in an increasing or decreasing fashion according to some relationship among the data item is called sorting.


21. What's the major distinction in between Storage structure and file structure and how?

The expression of an specific data structure inside memory of a computer system is termed storage structure in contrast to a storage structure expression in auxiliary memory is normally known as a file structure.


22. Stack can be described as a pointer. Explain?

Because stack will contain a head pointer which will always point to the top of the Stack.All Stack Operations are done using Head Pointer. Hence Stack can be Described as a Pointer

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