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Since version 3.23.23, Full Text Indexing and Searching has been introduced into MySQL. FULLTEXT indexes can be created from VARCHAR and TEXT columns. FULLTEXT searches are performed with the MATCH function. The MATCH function matches a natural language query on a text collection and from each row in a table it returns relevance.The resultant rows are organized in order of relevance.

Full Text searches are a very powerful way to search through text. But is not ideal for small tables of text and may produce inconsistent results. Ideally it works with large collections of textual data.


Optimizing your Database: Well, databases do tend to get large at some or the other. And here arises the issue of database optimization. Queries are going to take longer and longer as the database grows and certain things can be done to speed things up.

Clustering: The easiest method is that of 'clustering'. Suppose you do a certain kind of query often, it would be faster if the database contents were arranged in a in the same way data was requested. To keep the tables in a sorted order you need a clustering index. Some databases keep stuff sorted automatically.

Ordered Indices: These are a kind of 'lookup' tables of sorts. For each column that may be of interest to you, you can create an ordered index. It needs to be noted that again these kinds of optimization techniques produce a system load in terms of creating a new index each time the data is re-arranged.

There are additional method such as B-Trees, Hashing which you may like to read up about but will not be discussed here.


Replication: Replication is the term given to the process where databases synchronize with each other. In this process one database updates it's own data with respect to another or with reference to certain criteria for updates specified by the programmer. Replication can be used under various circumstances. Examples may be : safety and backup, to provide a closer location to the database for certain users.

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