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What is Data Communication?

Data Communication deals with the transmission of digital data from one device to another. Data is transferred through a pathway called as communication channel which can be physical wire connecting the devices or may be unguided media like laser, microwave etc.

A communication channel has a source or transmitter at one side and a desination or receiver at another side of the network. The source of data origination is single but there may be multiple receivers.

Types of Communication Channel

A communication channel is of 3 types:-

Simplex : In this, communication is unidirectional i.e one of the two devices can transmit the data and the other can only receive the data. For eg. Radio broadcasting, television broadcasting etc.

Transmitter Receiver

Simplex Channel

Half duplex: In this communication is bidirectional. Either of the devices can act as transmitter or receiver but only one device can transmit the data at one time. For eg. Walkie talkie

Transmitter --------------------------------------- Receiver

Receiver Transmitter

Half Duplex Channel

Full duplex: Here also communication is in both directions and both the devices can simultaneously transmit the data. For eg. Telephone conversation.

Transmitter Receiver

Receiver Transmitter

Full Duplex Channel

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