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Wireless Transmission

Here, Earth’s atmosphere is usually used as a transmission medium instead of wires. It is useful where connection through cables is not feasible.

Follwing are the techniques used for Wireless Tranmission:-

Radiowaves: These are the electromagnetic waves having a frequency range of 3KHz-1GHz. These are omnidirectional i.e. the senders and receivers do not have to be in line of sight with each other. These can penetrate walls and are prone to interference.

Applications- AM radio



These are the electromagnetic waves having frequencies ranging from 1 to 300GHz. They are unidirectional and incorporates two antennas(sending & receiving) which should be aligned or in line of sight with each other. They provide higher data rate but Very high frequency microwaves are unable to penetrate the walls. Applications- cellular phones, satellite networks, wireless LANS.


Infrared waves use infrared light for signal transmission. These have frequency range from 300 GHz to 400 THz and are used for short-range communication. They also incorporate line of sight propagation. It also provides high bandwidth and high data rate.

Applications- for communication between PCs, mobile phones etc.

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