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Preparation of carboxylic acids

  1. By Grignard reagent
    Description: 51367.png
  2. By cyanide formation and hydrolysis
    Description: 51376.png
  3. Decarboxylation of geomdicarboxylic acid
    Description: 52360.png
  4. Hydrolysis of acid derivatives
    Description: 51389.png
    Description: 52378.png
    Description: 51401.png
    Description: 51409.png

Chemical reactions

  1. Reaction with diazomethane
    Description: 51424.png
  2. Reaction with LiAlH4 or NaBH4
    Description: 51436.png
    Description: 51445.png
  3. Reaction with PCl3 or PCl5 or SOCl2
    Description: 51454.png
  4. With ROH and NH3
    Description: 51463.png
    Description: 51470.png
  5. HellVolhardZelinsky (HVZ) reaction
    Description: 51479.png
    Description: 51486.png
    Description: 51495.png
    Description: 51502.png
  6. Brominative decarboxylation (Hunsdieker reaction)
    Description: 51511.png
    Description: 52394.png
    Description: 52408.png
    Description: 52418.png
    Description: 52426.png

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