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Types of Communication System

Communication systems can be classified according to the nature of information or mode of transmission or types of transmission channel or types of modulation.

Classification according to the nature of information source

  1. Speech transmission
  2. Picture transmission
  3. Facsimile transmission (FAX): This involves exact reproduction of a document or picture which are static.

Classification according to the mode of transmission

  1. Analog communication: The communication system which makes use of analog signals is called analog communication system.
  2. Digital communication: In this system, digital signals are used.

Classification according to the transmission channel

  1. Line communication
  2. Space communication

Classification according to the type of modulation

  1. Amplitude modulation (AM)
  2. Frequency modulation (FM)
  3. Phase modulation (PM)
  4. Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM)
  5. Pulse time modulation (PTM)
  6. Pulse code modulation (PCM)

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