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Effect of Intensity and Frequency of Light

Effect of intensity If the intensity of light is increased (while it’s frequency is kept the same) the current levels off at a higher value, showing that more electrons are being emitted per unit time. But the stopping potential V0 does not change i.e.,
Intensity ∝ Number of incident photon ∝ Number of emitted photoelectron per time ∝ photo current
Fig. 6
Effect of frequency If frequency of incident light increases, (keeping intensity is constant) stopping potential increases but their is no change in photoelectric current
Fig. 7

Important Formulae for Photoelectric Effect

  • 99834.png and 99840.png
  • 99849.png 99855.png
  • 99861.png
  • 99867.png
  • 99878.png
  • 99884.png

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