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Elastic Hysteresis

When a deforming force is applied on a body, then the strain does not change simultaneously with stress, rather it lags behind the stress. The lagging of strain behind the stress is defined as elastic hysteresis. This is the reason why the values of strain for same stress are different while increasing the load and while decreasing the load.
Hysteresis loop The area of the stress–strain curve is called the hysteresis loop and it is numerically equal to the work done in loading the material and then unloading it.
Fig. 15
If we have two tyres of rubber having different hysteresis loop, then rubber B should be used for making the car tyres. It is because of the reason that area under the curve, i.e., work done in case of rubber B is lesser and hence the car tyre will not get excessively heated and rubber A should be used to absorb vibration of the machinery. Because of the large area of the curve, a large amount of vibrational energy can be dissipated.

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