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Induced Electric Field

Induced electric field is non-conservative and non-electrostatic in nature. Its field lines are concentric circular closed curves.
A time-varying magnetic field dB/dt always produced induced electric field in all space surrounding it.
Induced electric field (Ein) is directly proportional to induced emf, so 88518.png (1)
From Faraday’s second laws, 88528.png  (2)
From (1) and (2), 88534.png. This is known as integral form of Faraday’s laws of EMI.
Fig. 3
A uniform but time-varying magnetic field B(t) exists in a circular region of radius ‘a’ and is directed into the plane of the paper as shown in Fig. 3. The magnitude of the induced electric field (Ein) at point P lies at a distance r from the center of the circular region is calculated as follows:
So 88544.png
i.e., 88550.png
where r  a or 88556.png88563.png


  • If a bar magnet moves towards a fixed conducting coil, then due to the flux changes, an emf, current and charge are induced in the coil. If speed of magnet increases then induced emf and induced current increases but induced charge remains same.
Fig. 4
  • It should be kept in mind that the total induced emf in a loop is not confined to any particular point but it is distributed around the loop in direct proportion to the resistance of its parts.

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