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Motional EMI in Loop by Generated Area

If a conducting rod moves on two parallel conducting rails as shown in Fig. 7, then phenomenon of induced emf can also be understood by the concept of generated area (the area swept of conductor in magnetic field, during its motion)
Fig. 7
As shown in Fig. 7 in time t distance travelled by conductor = vt
Area generated A = lvt. Flux linked with this area, φ = BA = Blvt. Hence, induced emf 88603.png.
Induced current
Magnetic force Conductor PQ experiences a magnetic force in opposite direction of Its motion and
Power dissipated in moving the conductor For uniform motion of rod PQ, the rate of doing mechanical work by external agent or mech. Power delivered by external source is given as
Electrical power Also electrical power dissipated in resistance or rate of heat dissipation across resistance is given as
(It is clear that Pmech. = Pthermal which is consistent with the principle of conservation of energy.)

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