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When a body of density ρ and volume V is immersed in a liquid of density σ, the forces acting on the body are:
  • Weight of body, W = mg = Vρg, acting vertically downwards through the center of gravity of the body.
  • Upthrust force = Vσg acting vertically upwards through the center of gravity of the displaced liquid, i.e., center of buoyancy.
Important Points
  • A body will float in liquid only and only if ρ ≤ σ.
  • In case of floating as weight of body = upthrust, so WApp = Actual weight – upthrust = 0
  • In case of floating, Vρg = Vinσg


So the equilibrium of floating bodies is unaffected by variations in g though both thrust and weight depend on g.

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