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Diffusion and Effusion

Diffusion is the mixing of two or more gases due to partial pressure difference. A gas will move (if required against gravity also) from its region of high partial pressure to a region of low partial pressure. At the end of this process, a gas will have the same partial pressure everywhere.
Effusion is leaking of gas through a small orifice into vacuum.
According to the Graham’s law,
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where r is the rate of effusion or diffusion through a small orifice (measured in mol/s), P is the partial pressure difference of a gas (measured in Pa), R is the universal gas constant [8.314 J/(mol K–1)], T is the temperature of the gas (measured in K), M is the molecular weight of the gas (measured in kg/mol), and A is the area of orifice (measured in m2).
If PA, and T for two gases is same, then
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