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A V dm3 flask contains gas A and another flask of 2V dm3 contains gas B at the same temperature. If density of gas A is 3.0 g/dm3 and that of gas B is 1.5 g/dm3 and molecular weight of A = ½ (molecular weight of B), then the ratio of pressure exerted by gases is:
  1. Description: 28525.png
  2. Description: 28534.png
  3. Description: 28541.png
  4. Description: 28549.png
Solution (C)
Using PV = Description: 28556.png or P = Description: 28564.png
For gas APA = Description: 28573.png PB = Description: 28584.png
∴ Description: 28596.png


A mixture of 50.0 mL of NH3 and 60.0 mL of O2 gas reacts as:
4NH3(g) + 5O2(g) h 4NO + 6H2O(g).
If all the gaseous are at the same temperature and pressure and the reaction continues until one of the gases is completely consumed, what volume of water vapor is produced?
  1. 48 mL
  2. 60.0 mL
  3. 72 mL
  4. 75.0 mL
Solution (C)
4NH3 + 5O2  4NO + 6H2O
4 mol 5 mol
50 mL 60 mL
Equal mole contains equal volume under given conditions.
H2O(g) obtained from 50 mL of NH3 = 75 mL
H2O(g) obtained from 60 mL of O2 = 72 mL
Hence O2 is limiting reactant. Hence 72 mL.


If for two gases of molecular weights MA and MB at temperature TA and TBTATB = TBMA, then which property has the same magnitude for both the gases?
  1. Density
  2. Pressure
  3. KE per mole
  4. urms
Solution (D)
  1. Density of a gas Description: 28617.png
    Since Description: 28625.png, at the same pressure ρA = ρB.
    But if pressure is different, then ρA  ρB
  2. Pressure of the gases would be equal if their densities are equal, otherwise not.
  3. KE per mol Description: 28634.png
    Therefore, it will be different for the two gases. 
  4. Description: 28643.png urms of A = urms of B


The intercept on the y-axis and slope of curve plotted between P/T and T. For an ideal gas having 10 mol in a closed rigid container of volume 8.21 L, find P (pressure in atm) and T (temperature in K). (log10 2 = 0.30)
  1. 0.01, 0
  2. 0.1, 1
  3. 0.1, 0
  4. 10, 1
Solution (B)
Intercept on the y-axis = log10Description: 28652.png
Description: 28663.png curve Description: 28670.png
Intercept = Description: 28678.pngDescription: 28686.png
Slope = 0


What percent of a sample of nitrogen must be allowed to escape if its temperature, pressure, and volume are to be changed from 220°C, 3 atm, and 1.65 L to 110°C, 0.7 atm, and 1 L, respectively?
  1. 41.4%
  2. 8.18%
  3. 4.14%
  4. 81.9%
Solution (D)
Description: 28699.png
Fraction remaining = Description: 28708.png
= 0.182
Fraction escaped = 1 – 0.182 = 0.818
Percentage escaped = 81.8%

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