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Acceleration Due to Gravity

The force of attraction exerted by the Earth on a body is called gravitational pull or gravity.
Important Points
  • From the expression, 47188.png, it is clear that its value depends upon the mass radius and density of planet and it is independent of mass, shape,and density of the body placed on the surface of the planet, i.e., a given planet (reference body) produces same acceleration in a light as well as heavy body.
  • The greater the value of (M/R2) or ρR, greater will be the value of g for that planet.
  • Acceleration due to gravity is a vector quantity and its direction is always toward the center of the planet.
  • The value of acceleration due to gravity vary due to the following factors: (a)shape of the Earth, (b) height above the Earth surface, (c) depth below theEarth surface and (d) axial rotation of the Earth.

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