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Geostationary Satellite

A satellite which appears stationary relative to Earth is called geostationary or geosynchronous or communication satellite.
A geostationary satellite always stays over the same place above the Earth such a satellite is never at rest. Such a satellite appears stationary due to its zero relative velocity wrt that place on Earth.
The orbit of a geostationary satellite is known as the parking orbit.
Important Points
  • A satellite should revolve in an orbit concentric and coplanar with the equatorial plane.
  • Its sense of rotation should be same as that of Earth about its own axis, i.e., in anti-clockwise direction (from west to east).
  • Its period of revolution around the Earth should be same as that of Earth about its own axis.
     T = 24 h = 86,400 s
  • Height of geostationary satellite:
    As 47036.png ⇒ 47030.png
    Substituting the value of G and M, we get R + h = r = 42,000 km = 7R

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