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Up to what pH must a solution containing a precipitate of Description: 22372.png be adjusted so that all of precipitate dissolves (when Description: 22379.png
  1. Up to 4.4
  2. Up to 4.1
  3. Up to 4.2
  4. Up to 4.0
Solution (D)
Description: 22386.png
Description: 22393.png
Description: 22401.png
Description: 22408.png
Description: 22415.pngDescription: 22423.png
pH = 14 – 11.25 = 2.27


According to Bronsted–Lowry concept, the correct order of relative strength of bases follows the order:
  1. Description: 22455.png
  2. Description: 22465.png
  3. Description: 22487.png
  4. Description: 22495.png
Solution (C)
Relative strength of bases can be shown by their conjugated acids.
Conjugate acid of Description: 22502.png is Description: 22509.png, which is a weak acid. Conjugate acid of Description: 22516.png is Description: 22525.png, which is stronger than Description: 22532.png. Conjugate acid of Description: 22539.png is Description: 22547.png which is strongest out of these. So the order of relative strength of bases is Description: 22559.png.


The solubility product constant Ksp of Description: 22587.png is Description: 22594.png If a solution is Description: 22602.png with respect to Description: 22609.png ion, what is the maximum hydroxide ion concentration which could be present without causing the precipitation of Description: 22616.png?
  1. Description: 22625.png
  2. Description: 22632.png
  3. Description: 22639.png
  4. Description: 22648.png
Solution (D)
Description: 22661.pngDescription: 22672.png
Description: 22715.png
Description: 22722.png
Description: 22729.png mol/L


Which of the following solutions will have pH close to 1.0?
  1. Description: 22738.png of Description: 22745.png of Description: 22753.png
  2. Description: 22760.png of Description: 22768.png of Description: 22777.png
  3. Description: 22787.png of Description: 22798.png of Description: 22810.png
  4. Description: 22817.png of Description: 22824.png of Description: 22831.png
Solution (D)
Molar equivalent of Description: 22864.png
Molar equivalent of Description: 22872.png
Total number of eq.Description: 22880.png
Total volume = 100
Normality Description: 22887.pngM


The pH of 0.1 M solution of the following salts increases in the order
  1. Description: 22896.png
  2. Description: 22906.png
  3. Description: 22918.png
  4. Description: 22929.png
Solution (B)
HCl is a strong acid. In its 0.1 M solution, Description: 22939.png and hence, Description: 22946.png
Description: 22953.png hydrolyzes in solution and give acidic solution which is less acidic than 0.1 M HCl. NaCl is not hydrolyzed in aqueous solutions. Its Description: 22960.png. NaCN undergoes hydrolysis in solution to give alkaline solution. So the Description: 22969.png increases in the order, Description: 22976.png.

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