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Configuration of both the double bonds in this compound respectively are
Description: 43339.png
  1. 2E 4E
  2. 2E 4Z
  3. 2Z 4E
  4. 2Z 4Z
Solution (B)
Description: 43349.png
Description: 43358.png


Which of the following is a meso compound?
  1. Description: 43372.png
  2. Description: 43382.png
  3. Description: 43390.png
  4. All of these
Solution (B)
  1. Description: 43400.png There is no chiral carbon, so it is not a meso compound.
  2. Description: 43408.png is Description: 43418.png, so meso Description: 43427.png No chiral carbon, so not meso.


Number of primary alcohols having formula C5H12O are:
  1. 1
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 3
Solution (B)



Increasing order of stability among the three main configurations (i.e., eclipsed, anti, gauche) of 2-fluoroethanol is:
  1. eclipse, gauche, anti
  2. gauche, eclipse, anti
  3. gauche, anti, eclipsed
  4. anti, gauche, eclipse
Solution (C)
Gauche is most stable due to intramolecular hydrogen bonding. Intramolecular hydrogen bonding is possible only in gauche conformation. Anti is more stable than eclipsed due to electrostatic repulsion.
Description: 43483.png


Incorrect statement about indigotin is:
Description: 43492.png
  1. It shows geometrical isomerism
  2. Trans is more stable than cis
  3. Cis is more stable than trans
  4. It is a planar compound
Solution (C)
Description: 43502.png
  • Can show GI.
  • Trans is more stable than cis due to H-bond.
  • It is planer.

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