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Magnetic field

  • Magnetic field due to an imaginary magnetic pole (pole strength m) is given by B = F/m0. Also 87565.png
  • Magnetic field due to a bar magnet: At a distance r from the center of magnet
    • On axial position,
      87574.png, If l<<r, then 87585.png
      Fig. 17
    • On equatorial position, 87632.png;
      If l <<r ; then 87638.png
      General position: In general position for a short bar magnet, 87644.png

Bar magnet in magnetic field

When a bar magnet is left free in a uniform magnetic field, it aligns itself in the directional field.
  • Torque: τ = 87655.png
  • Work: 87661.png
  • Potential energy: 87670.png (θ is the angle made by the dipole with the field)

Gauss’s law in magnetism

Net magnetic flux through any closed surface is always zero, i.e., 87676.png

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