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Newton’s Third Law

To every action, there is always an equal (in magnitude) and opposite (in direction) reaction.
  • When a body exerts a force on any other body, the second body also exerts an equal and opposite force on the first.
  • Forces in nature always occur in pairs. A single isolated force is not possible.
  • Any agent, applying a force also experiences a force of equal magnitude but in opposite direction. The force applied by the agent is called Action and the counter force experienced by it is called reaction.
  • Action and reaction never act on the same body. If it were so, the total force on a body would have always been zero, i.e., the body will always remain in equilibrium.
  • If 34096.png = force exerted on body A by body B (Action) and 34090.png = force exerted on body B by body A (Reaction), then according to Newton’s third law of motion, 34084.png

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