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Alkylation of ammonia

Description: 34360.png
Description: 34367.png

Gabriel phthalimide synthesis

Description: 35390.png

Reduction of nitro compounds

Description: 34385.png
Description: 34392.png

Reduction in neutral medium

Description: 34400.png
Description: 34409.png

Reduction in alkaline medium

Description: 34418.png
Description: 35402.png

Reduction of nitriles, isonitriles, and oximes

Description: 34427.png
Description: 34435.png
Description: 35411.png

From amides

Description: 34453.png
Description: 35420.png
Description: 34460.png (3° amine)

Hoffmann bromamide degradation

Description: 34468.png

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