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The compound
Description: 35711.png
forms nitroso amines when the substituents are:
  1. Description: 34579.png
  2. Description: 34586.png
  3. Description: 34594.png
  4. Description: 34603.png
Solution (C)
Description: 34615.png and Description: 34622.png
Description: 35721.png
Secondary amine reacts with nitrous acid to form nitroso amine yellow liquid.


The correct order of basicities of the following compounds is:
Description: 35730.png Description: 34632.png
  1. Description: 34640.png
  2. Description: 34648.png
  3. Description: 34658.png
  4. Description: 34667.png
Solution (B)
The relative basic character of Description: 34681.png, and Description: 34690.png amines also depends on the nature of the alkyl group.
Description: 34715.png: Relative basic strength
Description: 34724.png
Description: 34734.png
Description: 34741.png
Description: 34750.png


If N and S are present in an organic compound during Lassaigne test, then both changes into:
  1. Description: 34759.png and Description: 34767.png
  2. NaSCN
  3. Description: 34779.png and NaCN
  4. Description: 34787.png and NaCNO
Solution (B)
When both sulphur and nitrogen are present in organic compound during Lassaigne’s test, both changes into sodium thiocyanate (NaSCN), which gives a blood red coloration with ferric ion.
Description: 34796.png


Aniline when diazotized in cold and then treated with dimethyl aniline gives a colored product. Its structure would be:
  1. Description: 35756.png
  2. Description: 35764.png
  3. Description: 35773.png
  4. Description: 35783.png
Solution (A)
Description: 35803.png
Description: 35811.png


Order of basicity of ethyl amines is:
  1. secondary > primary > tertiary
  2. primary > secondary > tertiary
  3. secondary > tertiary > primary
  4. tertiary > primary > secondary
Solution (A)
Order of basicity of amines
  1. Description: 34803.png
  2. Description: 34811.pngDescription: 36463.png

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