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Analysis of Anions (Acidic Radicals)

Group I: Anions which liberate gases with dil. HCl or dil. H2SO4.
Description: 49540.png
Description: 50213.png
Description: 50221.png
Description: 50229.png
Description: 50239.png
Description: 50247.png
Description: 50256.png
Group II: Gases or acid vapors evolved with conc. H2SO4 (Cl, Br, I, NO3 )
Description: 50265.png
Description: 50276.png
Description: 50290.png
Description: 50300.png
Group III: Anions which do not liberate any gas with dil. HCl or conc. H2SO4. They are detected by precipitation Description: 49548.png
Description: 50311.png
Description: 50319.png

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