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Electricity Consumption

  • The price of electricity consumed is calculated on the basis of electrical energy and not on the basis of electrical power.
  • The unit Joule for energy is very small. Hence, a big practical unit is considered known as kilowatt hour (kWH) or board of trade unit (BTU) or simple unit.
  • 1 kWH or 1 unit is the quantity of electrical energy which dissipates in 1/h in an electrical circuit when the electrical power in the circuit is 1 kW. Thus, 1 kW = 1000 W × 3600 s = 3.6 × 106 J.
  • Important formulae to calculate the number of consumed units is 75458.png
  • When some potential difference is applied across the conductor, then collision of free electrons with ions of the lattice results in the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy.
  • If a heating coil of resistance R, (length l) consumed power P, when voltage V is applied to it, then by keeping V constant, if it is cut in n equal parts, then resistance of each part will be R/n and from Pconsumed ∝ 1/R, power consumed by each part P’ = nP.
  • Joule’s heating effect of current is common to both ac and dc.

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