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Combination of Lens

  • For a system of lenses, the net power, net focal length and magnification are given as follows:
    m = m1 × m2 × m3 × ….
  • In case when two thin lens are in contact: Combination will behave as a lens, which have more power or lesser focal length.
    113455.png and P = P1 + P2
  • If two lens of equal focal length but of opposite nature are in contact, then combination will behave as a plane glass plate and Fcombine to n = ∞
Fig. 24
  • When two lenses are placed co-axially at a distance d from each other, then equivalent focal length (F) (Fig. 24), 113461.pngand P = P1 + P2dP1P2
  • Combination of parts of a lens:
Fig. 25

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