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Acceleration in SHM

The acceleration of the particle executing SHM at any instant is defined as the rate of change of its velocity at that instant. So, acceleration


Important Points
  • In SHM as |Acceleration| = ω2y is not constant. So equations of translatory motion can not be applied.
  • In SHM acceleration is maximum at extreme position.
    From equation (i) |Amax| = ω2a
    when |sin ωt| = maximum = i.e., at 60726.pngor 60720.png
    From equation (ii) |Amax| = ω2a when y = a
  • In SHM acceleration is minimum at mean position
    From equation (i) Amin = 0
    when sin ωt = 0 i.e., at t = 0 or 60714.png or ωtπ
    From equation (ii) Amin = 0 when y = 0
  • Acceleration is always directed towards the mean position and so is always opposite to displacement
    i.e., A ∝ –y

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