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Velocity in SHM

Velocity of the particle executing SHM at any instant is defined as the time rate of change of its displacement at that instant.
In case of SHM when motion is considered from the equilibrium position,
y = α sin ωt


Important Points
  • In SHM velocity is maximum at equilibrium position.
    From eq. (1), vmax =  When |cos ωt| = 1, i.e., θ = ωt = 0.
    From eq. (2), vmax =  when y = 0.
  • In SHM velocity is minimum at extreme position.
    From eq. (1), vmin = 0 when |cos ωt| = 0, i.e., 60739.png.
    From eq. (2), vmin = 0 when y = a.

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