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Properties of Colloidal Solutions

  1. Heterogeneous nature: A colloidal solution is heterogeneous in nature. It consists of two phases, namely dispersed phase and dispersion medium.
  2. Filterability: The size of solute particles is smaller than the pore size of filter paper; therefore, they can readily pass through a filter paper. Colloidal particles, however, cannot pass through ultra filters, parchment paper, or animal membrane.
  3. Tyndall effect: When a strong beam of light is passed through a colloidal solution placed in a dark place, the path of light gets illuminated as a bluish light. This is known as Tyndall effect and is caused by the scattering of blue part of light by the colloidal particles. The scattering is caused if the size of particles is of the order of wavelength of light. The same effect is not observed when the light is passed through a true solution as the size of solute particles is too small to cause any scattering.

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