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Hexagonal Primitive Unit Cell

A hexagonal primitive unit cell is composed of three layers A, B, and each atom has a co-ordination number of 12. The face centered atom is in contact with six atoms present at the corners of hexagon and two corner spheres are also in contact with each other. If arepresents the edge length of the unit cell and r is the radius of atom, then a = 2r.
Description: Description: 27888.png
The co-ordination number of each atom is 12. The fraction of volume of unit cell occupied by the atoms is given by
Description: 28839.png
The height of the unit cell is given by
Description: 25671.png
∴ Description: 25680.png
Area of the base is calculated by the area of six equilateral triangles. Therefore,
Area of the base Description: 25687.png
∴ Description: 25694.png

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