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Solutions of Equations of the Form

a cos θ + b sin θ = c
Working rule
  1. First of all check whether |c| ≤ 108360.png or not.
  2. If |c| > 108354.png, given equation has no real solution.
  3. If |c| ≤ 108348.png, divide both sides of the equation by 108342.png.
  4. Taking cos α = 108336.png and sin α = 108330.png, the given equation will become cos(θα) = cos β, where tan α = 108323.png and cos β = 108317.png.
We can also take sin α = 108311.png and cos α = 108305.png, then the given equation will reduce to the form sin (θ + α) = sin β.

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