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Ammonia cannot be prepared by:
  1. heating NH4NO3 or (NH4)2Cr2O7
  2. heating of NH4Cl or (NH4)2CO3
  3. heating of NaNO3 or NaNO2 with zinc dust or aluminium and sodium hydroxide
  4. reaction of AlN or CaCN2 with H2O
Solution (A)
Except (a) all give ammonia because
Description: 51593.png
Description: 51600.png


Titanium (IV) ions give an orange-red coloration in slightly acidic solution with hydrogen peroxide because of the formation of:
  1. peroxodisulphatotitanium(IV) ions
  2. peroxodisulphatotitanium(II) ions
  3. titanium(IV) sulphate
  4. none of these
Solution (A)
The color is attributed to peroxotitanic acid, HCOO-Ti(OH)3 or peroxodisulphatotitanium(IV) ions, [TiO2(SO4)2]2–.


Potassium cyanide is made alkaline with NaOH and is then boiled with thiosulphate ions. The solution is cooled and acidified with HCl. This solution with iron(III) chloride produces:
  1. Prussian blue color solution
  2. deep red color solution
  3. brown color solution
  4. green color solution
Solution (B)
  1. Description: 51610.png
  2. Description: 51620.png


Which among the following is peroxo acid of sulphur?
(i) H2SO3
(ii) H2SO5
(iii) H2S2O8
(iv) H2SO4
  1. Only (i)
  2. Only (ii)
  3. Both (ii) and (iii)
  4. Only (iv)
Solution (C)
Structure of peroxomonosulphuric acid (H2SO5) is:
Description: 51627.png
Structure of peroxodisulphuric acid (H2S2O8) is:
Description: 51636.png

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