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Potassium is kept in:
  1. alcohol
  2. water
  3. kerosene
  4. liquid ammonia
Solution (C)
Alkali metals are highly reactive metals. They react with
Alcohol: Description: 51378.png
Water: Description: 51386.png
Ammonia: Description: 51394.pngDescription: 51403.png
But they do not react with kerosene.


NaOH is prepared by the method:
  1. Down’s cell
  2. Castner cell
  3. Solvay process
  4. Castner–Kellner cell
Solution (D)
The cell involves the following reaction:
Description: 51411.png m Description: 51419.png
At anode: Description: 51427.png
At cathode: Description: 51437.png
Description: 51450.png amalgam
At anode: Na–amalgam Description: 51464.png
At cathode: Description: 51473.png


A metal M reacts with N2 to give a compound A (M3N). A on heating at high temperature gives back M and A on reacting with H2O gives a gas B. B turns CuSO4 solution blue on passing through it. A and B can be:
  1. Al and NH3
  2. Li and NH3
  3. Na and NH3
  4. Mg and NH3
Solution (B)
Lithium forms nitride on heating with nitrogen. Lithium nitride gives ammonia when heated with H2O. Ammonia gas forms tetrammine copper complex with CuSO4 solution.
Description: 51485.png
Description: 51494.png
Description: 51501.png


Slow-acting nitrogenous fertilizer among the following is:
  1. NH2CONH2
  2. NH4NO3
  3. CaNCN
  4. KNO3
Solution (C)
Calcium cyanamide is the slow-acting nitrogenous fertilizer as it decomposes very slowly.
Description: 51509.png
Description: 51517.png
Description: 51525.png


Li shows the diagonal relationship with:
  1. Mg
  2. B
  3. Al
  4. C
Solution (C)
A binary compound is one made of two different elements. These can be one of each element such as CuCl or FeO. These can also be several of each element such as Fe2O3 or SnBr4. Metal which have variable oxidation number can form more than one type of binary compound; for example, Fe shows the oxidation states +2 and +3. Hence, it forms two types of binary compounds, e.g., FeCl2, FeCl3.

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