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Points to Remember

  1. Circular games are, in general, harder than linear games.
  2. Circular diagrams—unlike linear diagrams—are not fixed. That is, circular diagrams do not have a first, second, . . ., or last position. (But there is a left and right.)
  3. If there is no mention of the circle’s orientation (e.g., A is to the left of B), then the mirror-image diagram need not be considered. However, if a question asks for the number of distinct orderings, then you must count the mirror-image diagram.
  4. Draw the circle with spokes inside.
  5. Place the base axis on the diagram first. Then place the base group.
  6. Left-right is taken from the perspective of the reader looking inward toward the center of the circle.
  7. Counting problems are nearly always hard. Consider this when deciding whether to “skip” a question.

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