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Format of the LSAT

The LSAT is a three-hour-and-thirty minute test. Only two hours and twenty minutes of the test count toward your score—the experimental section and the writing sample are not scored. There are five parts to the test.
Analytical Reasoning (Games) 24 Questions 35 Minutes
Logical Reasoning (Arguments) 25 Questions 35 Minutes
Experimental Section ?? Questions 35 Minutes
Logical Reasoning (Arguments) 25 Questions 35 Minutes
Reading Comprehension 27 Questions 35 Minutes
Writing Sample   35 Minutes
The order of the format is not fixed: the sections can occur in any order—except for the writing sample, which is always last.

The LSAT is a standardized test. Each time it is offered, the test has, as close as possible, the same level of difficulty as every previous test. Maintaining this consistency is very difficult—hence the experi­mental section. The effectiveness of each question must be assessed before it can be used on the LSAT. A problem that one person finds easy another person may find hard, and vice versa. The experimental section measures the relative difficulty of potential questions; if responses to a question do not perform to strict specifications, the question is rejected.
The experimental section can be a game section, an argument section, or a reading comprehension section. You won’t know which section is experimental. You will know which type of section it is, though, since there will be an extra one of that type.

Because the “bugs” have not been worked out of the experimental section, this portion of the test is often more difficult and confusing than the other parts.

This brings up an ethical issue: How many students have run into the experimental section early in the test and have been confused and discouraged by it? Crestfallen by having done poorly on, say, the first—though experimental—section, they lose confidence and perform below their ability on the rest of the test.

Knowing that the experimental section can be disproportionately difficult, if you do poorly on a particular section you can take some solace in the hope that it may have been the experimental section. In other words, do not allow one difficult section to discourage your performance on the rest of the test.

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