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How to Use this Book

The four parts of this book—(1) Games, (2) Arguments, (3) Reading Comprehension, and (4) LSAT Test—are independent of one another. However, to take full advantage of the system presented in the book, it is best to tackle each part in the order given.

This book contains the equivalent of a six-week course, meeting two hours a day, five days a week. Ideally you have bought the book at least four weeks before your scheduled test date. However, if the test is only a week or two away, there is still a truncated study plan that will be useful.
Shortened Study Plan

Study: Introduction
  Linear Ordering Games
  Grouping Games
  Assignment Games

Study: Logic I
  Inductive Reasoning
  Common Fallacies

Reading Comprehension
Study: The Six Questions
  Pivotal Words

Test II

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