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Format of the Game Section

The game section of the LSAT consists of four games, each of which has about six questions—sometimes 5 and sometimes 7. Thus, there are usually twenty-four questions. The section is 35 minutes long.


Game #1 (6 questions ±1)
Game #2 (6 questions ±1)
Game #3 (6 questions ±1)
Game #4 (6 questions ±1)
This means that you have a little less than nine minutes for each game. Or if you skip the most difficult game, as many people should, then you have a little less than 12 minutes for each game. If this sounds fast-paced, you’re right. The LSAT is a highly “timed” test, and the game section is the most highly “timed” part.
Lawyers typically have to think quickly on their feet. This section is testing how quickly you can understand the structure of a set of relationships and how swiftly you can draw conclusions from the implications of those relationships.

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