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Readily Derived Conditions

Before turning to the questions, check whether any further conditions can be easily derived from the given conditions. Suppose in addition to the conditions given in the game above, you were told that K and O do not sit next to each other. You could then deduce that K and O sit on opposite sides of the base axis J<—>L since there are only two seats on either side of this axis. Place the derived conditions on the diagram before turning to the questions. Do not, however, spend an inordinate amount of time on this step.
Do not erase previously derived diagrams; they are often useful for later questions.

Keep your symbols and diagrams as simple and functional as possible. Ωαρνινγ:Some books suggest diagrams which appear elegant but soon prove too complicated to actually use. A complex “elimination grid” may be very effective in answering the questions, but it probably cannot be constructed and applied to all the questions in less than nine minutes. Your diagrams should be simple and able to evolve with changing conditions.

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