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Skipping a Game

Because games are difficult and time consuming, you should consider skipping the hardest one. Do not, however, skip parts of each game; rather, skip one entire game.

The time you save by skipping the hardest game can be used to read and solve the other games more carefully. Reading and solving the problems too quickly is the major cause of errors in this section of the test. The questions come in blocks of 6, so misreading the setup to a game can cause you to miss an entire block of 6 questions.

If you decide to skip the hardest game, you will need, of course, some criteria to determine which game is the hardest. You might think that a game with many conditions is harder than one with only a few conditions. This is not necessarily true. In fact, most often, the fewer the conditions the harder the game. Think of the conditions as clues. If you were a detective investigating a case, the more clues you had the easier the case would be to solve. The same is true for games. Furthermore, some of the conditions are often superfluous or are needed only for the last couple of questions. As mentioned before, ordering games generally are the easiest, grouping games are harder, and assignment games are the hardest.

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