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Points to Remember

  1. When constructing a flow chart, use the following guidelines:
    1. Look for a condition that starts the flow.
    2. Look for an element that occurs in many conditions.
    3. Keep the chart flexible.
  2. Be aware of the fallacies associated with the contrapositive:
    From A—>B you can conclude
    but you cannot conclude either
    ~A—>~B or    B—>A
  3. Some means “at least one and perhaps all.”
  4. The following statements contain embedded if-then statements.
Statement If-then form
All A’s are B’s. If x is an A, then x is a B.
A and B are not both C’s. If A is a C, then B is not.
No A is a B. If A, then not B.
Only A’s are B’s. If B, then A.

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