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The game section comprises one-quarter of the test. It contains four games; each has about six ques­tions for a total of about twenty-four questions.

Games are designed to measure your ability to analyze relationships between elements and then draw conclusions based on those relationships.

The game section is the most difficult and most mathematical part of the test. Indeed, the games actually fit into a branch of mathematics called Set Theory—though we won’t use any mathematical tools to solve them.

While the entire test should be read with care, the games must be read with extra care. In particular, pay close attention to words that limit relationships, such as “only,” “never,” “sometimes,” “exactly,” etc.

Example: Game

Adam, Bob, Carl, David, Eric, Frank, George, and Hank are basketball players.
Frank is the same height as Hank.
George is taller than Frank.
Eric is taller than Adam.
Adam is taller than David and Carl.
Bob is shorter than Carl.
Which one of the following must be false?
  1. George is taller than Hank.
  2. Carl is taller than David.
  3. Adam is taller than Frank.
  4. David is the same height as Carl.
  5. Bob is the same height as Eric.
If George is taller than Frank who is as tall as Hank, then George must be taller than Hank. Hence, (A) is true. This dismisses (A).
Next, the fourth condition tells us that Adam is taller than both David and Carl; it does not, however, tell us who is taller between Carl and David, nor do any other conditions. Hence, (B) is not necessarily false. This dismisses both (B) and (D).
Next, no condition relates the relative heights of Adam and Frank. Hence, (C) is not necessarily false. This dismisses (C).
Finally, Eric is taller than Adam who is taller than Carl who is taller than Bob. Hence, Eric must be taller than Bob. This contradicts (E).
Thus (E) must be false, and therefore it is the answer.

We will analyze all the varieties of games that occur on the LSAT—there are surprisingly few different types. You will also be introduced to powerful diagramming techniques, such as Paths, Flow Charts (which would be used to solve the above problem), Generating Formulas, etc. Many students write off the games as being too hard—this is a mistake! Although the diagramming techniques will not make the games easy, they will greatly simplify them. Indeed, because diagramming is so effective, this portion of the test is the most responsive to study.

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