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Organic Chemistry

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Separation, Purification and Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds

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A set of qualitative experiments were conducted in an organic chemistry lab.

Experiment 1

Chemist 1 treated cyclohexene with 1% aq. KMnO4. One of the products was a cis-glycol.

Experiment 2

Chemist 2 conducted qualitative tests for some carbonyl compounds. Aldehydes and ketones gave a positive test for the reagent 2, 4-dinitro- phenyl hydrazine. The compound tested for the confirmation was propanone. The product formed as a result of this test involving propanone is shown below.

image\Ch 32 Experiment 2.png

Experiment 3

In Experiment 3, three compounds were tested. These three compounds were treated with concentrated hydrochloric acid in the presence of zinc chloride (ZnCl2). Compound A was ethyl alcohol, Compound B was tert-butyl alcohol, and Compound C was 2-propanol. The reactions were based on unimolecular substitution mechanism.

Experiment 4

In Experiment 4, the chemists synthesized the following compound.

image\Ch 32 Expirement 4.png

Which of the following best describes the process involved in Experiment 1?

A Reduction
B Esterification
C Oxidation
D Dehydrohalogenation
Ans. C The conversion results in the formation of a glycol (an alcohol). Such a conversion is best described as an oxidation reaction.

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