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Many students find electrodynamics difficult because it is the physics of things you cannot see, things no one talks about outside of physics circles. In mechanics we used words like "car" and "force" and "wave". In electrodynamics we use phrases like "electric field". What is an electric field?
It's a reasonable question, but if you ask your physics teacher, it's unlikely you'll get a satisfactory answer. Well, then, is the electric field real? Well, yes, it is as real as anything, but everyday life does not bring us in direct experience with the electric field, and so it is less familiar.
The key to building an intuition about electrodynamics is visualizing these unfamiliar concepts: concepts such as charge, electric and magnetic fields, and electric potential. We can not see them directly, but we can become familiar with their properties. In this chapter there are only a few equations and concepts, but the implications are profound. There is no doubt that this is a difficult chapter, but if you spend some effort actively creating mental pictures, electrodynamics will become far less arcane.

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