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General Chemistry

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Bomb calorimeter is a device used to determine the energy changes associated with reactions. The calorimeter measures the heat absorbed or evolved during a reaction. Which of the following is true with respect to bomb calorimeter?

A The measurements are done at constant volume
B The measurements are not done at constant volume, because we cannot keep the volume constant
C Theoretically work is done during the reaction in a bomb calorimeter
D None of the above
Ans. A "Bomb calorimeter" is a device used to determine the energy changes that are associated with reactions by measuring the amount of heat generated or absorbed by a reaction at constant volume. The changes (measurements) are made at constant temperature and constant volume. There is nothing true about Choice B. Keeping the volume constant is not an impossible task! This rules out Choice B. Choice C is wrong, since there is no change in volume, and theoretically there is no work done.

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