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Bond Length And Bond Energy

Bond length is the distance between the nuclei of the atoms that are bonded together. Bond energy is the amount of energy required to pull the atoms involved in the bond away from each other. Bond order is the number of bonds (covalent) that exist between the two bonded atoms. The bond length and bond order are inversely proportional. Hence, as the bond order increases, the bond length decreases and the bond energy increases.

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Problem 5-2
Which of the following will have the highest bond energy?
  1. A carbon-carbon single bond
  2. A carbon-carbon double bond
  3. A carbon-carbon triple bond
  4. A carbon-hydrogen bond

The bond order of a triple bond is 3. Carbon-carbon single bond and carbon-hydrogen bond have bond orders of 1. This eliminates choices A and D.
The bond order of carbon-carbon double bond is 2. The one with the highest bond order will have the highest bond energy.
So the answer is choice C.

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