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Types Of Chemical Reactions

There are five types of chemical reactions.
  1. Combination reaction
  2. Combustion reaction
  3. Decomposition reaction
  4. Displacement reaction or single-replacement reaction
  5. Metathesis reaction or double-replacement reaction

Combination Reaction

A reaction involving the formation of a compound from two or more substances is called a combination reaction.

image\24191 ch 2.png

Combustion Reaction

A combustion reaction involves the reaction of substances with oxygen, and it is usually accompanied by the release of large amounts of heat. Combustion reactions are thus highly exothermic.

image\24206 ch 2.png

Decomposition Reaction

A decomposition reaction is a process in which one compound decomposes or splits to form two or more simpler compounds and/or elements.

image\24215 ch 2.png

Displacement Reaction (single-replacement reaction)

In a single-replacement reaction, an element reacts with a compound, and results in the displacement of an element or group from the compound. An example of a single-replacement reaction is shown.

Metathesis Reaction (double-replacement reaction)

A​ metathesis (double-replacement) reaction involves the exchange of two groups or two ions among the reactants. Remember that in a single-replacement reaction, there is only one group or ion being switched. A metathesis reaction can often result in an insoluble product from soluble reactants, and the insoluble compound formed is called a precipitate.

image\24231 ch 2.png

Note that this reaction involves the formation of a precipitate of AgCl.

With respect to the types of reactions, your objective should be to understand the basis behind the categorization.

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