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Reading this Book

Reading a book about physics is completely different from reading a novel. First of all, you must be at a desk and have paper and a pen or pencil. You should write down every equation, making sure you understand all the symbols. You should reproduce every diagram, working to understand, for example, why certain forces are there and no others, and so on. You may even try working the examples before reading the solutions and work the solutions out along side the text.
It is especially important that you keep an open mind and visualize what you read. In biology one can actually see organelles with an electron microscope. Understanding the operation of enzymes requires a little bit more imagination. In physics, you must rely on imagination even more, but it is not too different from imagining the working of enzymes. If you view physics as a mere collection of facts and equations to memorize, you will find it frustrating. Alternatively, if you approach physics looking for new concepts, themes and a new worldview, then your efforts will be better rewarded.

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