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In this chapter, the review will mainly focus on the laws of thermodynamics and their implications. The discussion includes concepts such as enthalpy, entropy, specific heat, heat capacity, Gibbs free energy, spontaneity of reactions, and related aspects. We have many ideas to discuss. So buckle up!

What is Thermodynamics?

In our busy modern life, we often forget about the fundamental aspects of today's life that make it so unique. Everyday we use machines and gadgets, big and small, which depend on some type of energy. We harvest the available energy and use it in many ways. But how is this done? We use natural energy sources such as coal, petroleum products, and nuclear energy. The question is, what are the fundamental principles regarding the harvesting of energy from these sources? It is by chemical reactions that we make use of the hidden energy available from these sources. What we learn from thermodynamics is the dynamics of energy (heat) transfer during chemical changes. In this chapter, we will review the various aspects of thermodynamics and the related principles.

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