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Temperature - Some Basics

We use the term temperature quite a lot in Chemistry, but how can we define it? Students often get confused with the terms temperature and heat. Even though temperature and heat are related, they are not the same. Let us consider two objects that are at different temperatures; a hot object and a cold object. Let's say we kept them in close proximity for some time. The heat passes from the hot object to the cold one, until they reach equilibrium. So it is the heat (energy) that passes from the hot object to the cold one resulting in a change in temperature.
The common scales used to denote temperature are the Celsius scale and the Kelvin scale (K). The SI unit of temperature is actually kelvin (K). The Celsius and the Kelvin scales can be easily converted back and forth, and are related by the following simple relations:

K = oC + 273.15


oC = K – 273.15


The other temperature scale that we are more familiar with is the Fahrenheit scale.
Temperature denoted in degree Celsius can be converted to degree Fahrenheit using the following relation:
F = (oC x 1.8 ) + 32


You are expected to know these conversions at this level of study in college. So know them!

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