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  • Delivery means a voluntary and lawful transfer of possession of goods from one person to another
  • If there are no terms in the contract regarding the delivery of goods, then the delivery of goods and payment of price are concurrent conditions, i.e. both must take place at the same time
  • When the goods are physically put in possession of the buyer, the delivery is said to be actual
  • When the goods are not physically delivered to the buyer but are delivered by an indication representing the goods, it is called symbolic delivery
  • Apart from any express contract, a seller is not bound to deliver the goods unless and until requested by the buyer
  • The buyer must demand the delivery of the goods at a reasonable hour, and the seller should also deliver them at a reasonable hour
  • When the goods have been sold by the issue of any document of title of goods, the consent of the third party is not necessary
  • If the deficiency or excess is so small as to be negligible, the buyer cannot reject the goods
  • The term acceptance of goods may be defined as the final assent of the buyer that he has accepted the goods
  • Where the neglect or refusal of the buyer to take delivery amounts to repudiation of contract, the seller may sue for price and for damages

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