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Rectification of mistakes

If there is any mistake in the documents filed with the Registrar, all the parties who have been signatories to such documents shall file an application to the Registrar for rectification of such a mistake. Thereupon, the Registrar shall rectify such a mistake in the Register of Firms.

Amendment of Register by order of Court

When a Court decides any matter relating to a registered firm, it may direct the Registrar to make any amendment in the Register of Firms relating to such a firm and upon such direction, the Registrar shall amend the entry accordingly.

Inspection of Register of Firms

The Register of Firms, all statements, notices and intimations filed with Registrar of Firms shall be open to inspection by any person subject to payment of the prescribed fees.

Grant of copies

Any person on application, can obtain copy of entry or portion thereof in Register of Firms subject to payment of the prescribed fees.

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